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August 28, 2017 :

Well it's been another AMAZING summer out on the road friends, and I wanted to take a few minutes to say thanks to everyone who's come out and caught a show since we started hit the pavement hard again since spring time. Also, a MASSIVe Thank You to everyone who's picked up a copy of the New EP "Slave of The Road" at the merch table, the webstore, iTunes, or wherever - It truly means the world to me, and hoping everyone's enjoying the tracks on that release. 

The boys and I  just finished up another stellar run of shows around the West Coast & Pacific Northwest, and are enjoying the last bit of down time before we head back out September 15th - October 14th through parts of the Midwest / SouthEast / SouthWest (*check the TOUR DATES for all shows*) . I'll have a trio of Hustlers in tow with me, and will be bringing my good friend and Alabama ramblin' man Abraham & the Old Gods along to support the majority of these shows. 

Looking forward to a STRONG finish through the rest of the year, and looking forward to announcing some amazing tours and releases I've got cooking up for 2018 - Thanks as always to everyone who helps keep this train moving down the tracks, we can't do it without y'all and we love ya!!

Back to the grind folks. Can't wait to see y'all down the line again soon!! 

-  LWM